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Pigments & Semi-Permanent Color

How To Order

1. Please email us your order.
2. If you are a first time customer, fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and return to us.

Shipping & Handling:

-UPS/Purolator Shipping: Shipping Costs varies on weight, shipping service, and location. Requires 2-3 days processing time, plus 2-5 business days for arrival

-Free shipping on orders over $500 before tax

-5% discount on orders over $1,000 before tax

Return Policy

– Unopened products may be returned or exchanged within 30 days. 20% restocking fee will apply.

– Machines and accessories have a 6-month warranty from date of purchase.

Trade-in Policy

– Other manufacturers’ products, machines and unopened pigments may be traded in for 50% off towards BioTouch products.



Due to the superior quality and popularity of Biotouch products, this has prompted the creation of cheap imitations of our products. These fake product have not undergone testing and have not passed regulatory requirements and may pose possible adverse health effects to those who use them. Consumers are strongly advised to purchase Biotouch products only from authorized distributors and agents.

These pre-mixed pigments are exclusive only to BioTouch Canada.

Pure Pigment Line KIT *New*

 PBRK Pure Brow Kit – 6 colours (total of 36)
 PCK Pure Camouflage Kit – 6 colours (total of 36)
 PEK Pure Eyeliner Kit – 6 colours (total of 36)
 PLK Pure Lip Kit – 6 colours (total of 36)
 PRK  Pure Restorer Kit – 6 colours (total of 36)

Eyeliner Colors – Pure Pigments

 PBK Pure Black 3ml/6 pk (special order)
 PJK Pure Jet Black 3ml/6 pk (special order)
 PAB Pure Always Black 3ml/6 pk
 PWK Pure Wet Black 3ml/6 pk

Eyebrow Colors – Pure Pigments

 PMUP Pure Mud Pie 3ml/6 pk
 PMA Pure Medium Ash 3ml/6 pk
 PDC Pure Dark Chocolate 3ml/6 pk
 PTF Pure Toffee 3ml/6 pk
 PCF Pure Coffee 3ml/6 pk
 PTL Pure Tea Leaf 3ml/6 pk
 PBT Pure Brunette 3ml/6 pk

Corrective & Restorer Colors – Pure Pigments

 PWT Pure White 3ml/6 pk (special order)
 PYE Pure Yellow 3ml/6 pk (special order)
 PGN Pure Green 3ml/6 pk (special order)
 POD Pure Olive Drab 3ml/6 pk
 PNU Pure Nude Pigment 3ml/6 pk
 PMR Pure Mushroom (Orange Camouflage) 3ml/6 pk
 PMAG Pure Magic 3ml/6 pk
 PBL Pure Blue 3ml/6 pk (special order)
 PPB Pure Pink Brick 3ml/6 pk

Lip Colours – Pure Pigments

 PER Pure Earthy Red 3ml/6 pk
 PCR Pure Chicago Red 3ml/6 pk
 PAR Pure Apple Red 3ml/6 pk
 PCY Pure Cherry 3ml/6 pk
 PBR Pure Bright Red 3ml/6 pk
 PRW Pure Rosewood 3ml/6 pk
 PFL Pure Flamingo 3ml/6 pk
 PRP Pure Rose Pink 3ml/6pk

Micropigment Regular Concentrate – Eyebrow Colours

 BBR Brown Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BTU Taupe ½ oz
 BCB Chocolate Brown Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BDB Dark Brown Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BGY Gray Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BLB Light Brown Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BTH True Hazel Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BTC True Cocoa Micro Pigment ½ oz
 BTBR True Brown Micro Pigment ½ oz

Eyeliner Colors – Micropigments

BBKBlack Micro Pigment ½ oz
BJKJet Black Micro Pigment ½ oz

Lips Colors – Micropigments

BBDBurgundy Micro Pigment ½ oz
BDRDark Red Micro Pigment ½ oz
BJRJapanese Red Micro Pigment ½ oz
BOGOrange Micro Pigment ½ oz
BPMPink Mauve Micro Pigment ½ oz
BREReal Red Micro Pigment ½ oz
BRRRose Red Micro Pigment ½ oz
BRWRed Wine Micro Pigment ½ oz

Modifier / Correction Colors

BBGBeige Micro Pigment ½ oz
BOLOlive Micro Pigment ½ oz
BYEYellow Micro Pigment ½ oz
BWTWhite Micro Pigment ½ oz
BGNGreen Micro Pigment ½ oz

Semi Permanent Colors

LQLBKLiquid Color Pencil Black
LQLDBLiquid Color Pencil Dark Brown
LQLHWLiquid Color Pencil Red

BioTouch Microblading Pigments

ABAsian Brown ½ oz
CBCamel Brown ½ oz
OWOrange Warmer ½ oz
RORoyal Olive ½ oz
TNTrue Night ½ oz
YWYellow Warmer ½ oz

Please note: Technical support will only be provided on approved and certified BioTouch products. We are unable to troubleshoot issues that may arise from the use of other product brands. Thank you.